The Belvedere Camp is open between April and October. Between October and April, only a part of the camp is open as a camper stop. The camper stop is intended solely for mobile homes with their own toilet facilities. Camper stop users may avail of toilet and shower facilities in the wellness centre in compliance with the 2020 price list.

The camp reception desk is located at the main reception desk of the Belvedere Hotels and is open 24/7 throughout the entire year (except for when all hotel facilities are closed). Telephone number of the Belvedere Hotel reception desk: +386 5 660 51 00

The entry gates are opened at 6 AM and closed at 10 PM daily. Outside these hours, you can contact the night receptionist or call +386 41 661 555.


Upon arrival, guests shall check-in at the reception desk and present a valid identity document (ID, passport, driving licence). Check-in is obligatory for all guests staying at the camp and their pets. Stays shall be permitted only to checked-in persons. Infringements or identified non-checked-in persons at the camp shall be subject to a EUR 50 fee. In addition, non-checked-in persons identified as such by the camp staff shall also pay for one-night stays subject to the price list. The camp management may also request that such a person leave the camp immediately. Guests who fail to check-in shall become fully liable for the payment of all costs and any fines imposed by the police or municipal wardens in that regard.


Camp stays and the tourist tax and check-in fee shall be paid by each guest for the first day upon check-in. If they stay at the camp for longer than 7 days, they shall pay as specified above every 5 days. Check-in is available between 12 AM and 10 PM and check-out between 6 AM and 12 PM, late check-ins shall be subject to a fee. Guests paying a lump sum for one year may check-out until 9 PM.


Before selecting a plot, please check with the reception desk if it has been booked or is occupied. The number received upon check-in shall be placed on a visible location of your tent, caravan, mobile home or car.


Persons visiting a camp guest shall report their presence upon arrival at the reception desk. Visitors shall not be allowed to spend the night at the camp. Visitors may spend up to 3 hours in the camp. For longer periods of time, they shall be charged for a full-day’s stay.


Only one vehicle per plot is allowed. All vehicles and vessels shall be equipped with the ID sheet received by guests at the reception desk upon provision of vehicle or vessel data on a visible location.

Guests who have paid a lump sum for the entire year, shall be entitled to park one car next to their caravan as specified by their contract, if that is not possible, they may park their car at another designated area inside the camp. Parking of a second car is available outside the camp (at the hotel parking lot) and is subject to a surcharge (EUR 150 per season).


As far as guests paying lamp sums for annual stays at a specific plot are concerned, the owner and his immediate family, maximum 6 persons, may stay in the caravan at the same time. All other guests shall pay according to the daily price list. The caravan may be used by maximum 12 persons on the list enclosed to your annual lump sum contract. Every arrival shall be subject to a check-in at the reception desk of the hotel.


The Belvedere Camp contains three toilet facility sets. Toilet facilities may be entered by using a special key received upon check-in and subject to a security deposit.


During your stay at the camp, you shall not disturb other guests by making noise, which shall include screaming, loud singing, using music playing devices, radios, TVs and similar devices at a loud volume.

Peace and quiet shall be observed between midnight and 6 AM. If you arrive to the camp after 10 PM, you can set up your caravan at the parking lot. During that time, entering in and driving vehicles and using radios and TVs, musical instruments, screaming and singing shall not be allowed. During that time, no vehicles may enter or leave the camp, except for emergencies (such as transport of patients and trauma patients, emergency or intervention vehicles). During night time, guests may report any infringements of the regulations to the reception desk of the hotel. If a person makes noise which disturbs other guests, they may be denied a further stay at the camp.


At the camp, all guests shall separate waste in the designated bags which shall be placed to the central waste disposal area close to the toilet facilities. Disposal of waste outside of the designated areas shall be subject to a EUR 20.00 fine. Each guest shall be responsible for the cleanliness of their plot and surroundings.

Dish-washing and doing laundry shall be allowed only in clearly marked areas. Before leaving your plot, leave it the way you’d found it. For dish-washing purposes you are advised to use EasyBee dishwashers which wash dishes in five minutes.

Protect the lawns and orchards in the camp. Do not snap branches and bushes off and do not break trees. Do not pound nails into tree trunks.


All pets of our guests shall be checked-in upon arrival. All dogs shall be on a leash and supervised by their owners at all times. Please collect dog excrements of your dogs. If an owner fails to clean after their dog, they shall pay EUR 10 for cleaning carried out by the camp staff. Failure to check-in a pet shall constitute a severe breach of the regulations and their owner may be denied further stay.

Wash your dogs solely at the designated dog washing area in the toilet facility set. A key for the dog washing area can be obtained at the reception desk of the hotel.

Read the Pet regulations.


The camp shall not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items of the guest or for any accidents or damage incurred on items of camp guests as a result of a force majeure (flood, fire, earthquake, storm) or a third party. The camp shall also not be held liable for vehicles parked inside or outside the camp. Money, jewellery and other valuable may be deposited at the safe of the camp (subject to a charge). All found items shall be brought to the reception desk of the camp.


In line with fire hazards, lighting fires is strictly prohibited by law. There is a fireplace at the camp which can be used (instructions for use are provided at the fireplace).

Fires shall be immediately reported by calling 112 or the reception desk of the camp. Fire extinguishers are installed in visible areas (toilet facilities and fireplace).


No interventions in the space and land shall be allowed (i.e. construction of landings, excavation of dykes, installation of fencing with wires or a wire gate, sawing or breaking of trees, installation of one’s own water supply, utility or power systems or carry out any other interventions at the camp). The latter shall be applicable to guests staying for longer periods of time or one year (those who pay for the use of a plot for one year).


The management of the camp may deny stay to guests who fail to observe the provisions hereof. This shall also apply to guests with a history of breaking the regulations of the camp, guests who are or have endangered the safety and health of themselves, other guests or staff of the camp, have not settled their liabilities towards the camp or who have failed to check in. Denial of stay may also apply for guests who are rude towards the camp staff or other visitors, insults, threatens or harasses others in any other way.

We thank you for complying with the regulations and wish you a pleasant stay!