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Olive oil

The love for the Istrian tree, olive tree, and respect for nature are key considerations that add a lot of character to our olive oil tradition. Our olive trees were planted in 1992 on 5 hectares (12 acres) of land on the Belvedere Hill. Olives from 1100 organically grown olive trees are hand-picked by ourselves. Olives are transformed into ‘liquid gold’ within hours of picking, lending premium quality and impressive taste to the oil.


Hotel Cliff
From: 16,00 €


Hotel Cliff

Just like at home...

From October 28 to November 20, we are preparing a special offer where we'll prepare HOMEMADE BAKALA in four different ways:

  • Homemade bakala with homemade "Belvedere" olive oil, olive crumbs and sun-dried tomatoes | €16.50
  • Crispy bakala on a bed of salad with roasted peppers and persimmon | €16.00
  • Pljukanci with cod and tartufata | €21.00
  • Poached cod in Malvasia on celeriac risotto and caramelized celery root| €23.00


Reservations: 041 950 444


Our oil is PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)-certified. PDO is the highest form of protection of a product as the product (foodstuff) needs to ensure the quality and characteristic of the geographic area. All production, treatment and preparation processes shall take place in the specified geographic area and ensure continuous quality and traceability of the foodstuff or agricultural product (Source: DOSI, https://www.dosi.si/o-olju).


Did you know that not all virgin olive oils are of the same quality and equally good? The quality of a virgin olive oil is specified by its sensory and chemical properties. Virgin olive oil is the only oil whose qualitative classification is subject also to an organoleptic assessment. Subject to a chemical and sensory analysis, olive oil is classified in the following quality classes (categories): extra virgin, virgin and lampante (unfit for consumption). Source: DOSI, https://www.dosi.si/o-olju

The BELVEDERE olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil compliant with both chemical and sensory criteria.


Olive oil Belvedere 0,5 l

18,00 €


You can get your olive oil at the Kamin Restaurant.