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Our team

It fills us with great pride that state-of-the-art chefs work in our kitchen!


Our Chef Jernej Podpečan arrived to Istria a few years ago from the Savinja Valley. He has always been enthralled by the sea and everything else associated therewith. He has been working in the culinary industry for more than 20 years and also spent some time abroad. He learnt his trade in the US, Australia and Iceland. Jernej is a Level 3 Sommelier and immensely enjoys combining food and wine. As such, he sometimes makes decisions in the reverse order: first choosing the wine, then the dish.




Sous-Chef Tilen Župevec developed his passion for cooking as a child. His love for food was at first passed to him by his mother, but further thanks go to the excellent chefs who gave him knowledge, who shaped him, who trusted him and gave him the courage for new culinary challenges.

Tilen gained his knowledge in top restaurants all over Slovenia, as its cuisine is very close to his heart. In his dishes he includes 80 percent of local products, and the other 20 percent is represented by ingredients from all over the world, with the aim of upgrading traditional cuisine.


The ambitious Sašo Ambrož took over the management of the Kamin Restaurant in 2017, when it embarked on a new culinary path. With the help of an excellent team, he turned an almost forgotten restaurant into one of the most popular gastronomic destinations in the Slovenian Istria.

Although he initially focused his career on healthcare, he later opted for the profession of waiter. With the discovery of the love for wine, he soon realized his profession would turn into a mission.