Since we understand that it may sometimes be challenging to find a sitter for our furry four-legged friends and an increasing number of guests wish to travel with their pets, your dogs are welcome in our hotel. However, since various guests visit our establishment and we strive to ensure that all feel comfortable and safe, you are advised to comply with the following rules:

  • only small dogs (except for guide dogs) are accepted,
  • maximum two pets per room,
  • your dogs shall be on a leash or in a carrier in the public areas of the hotels,
  • please do not leave your pets unsupervised in your room!
  • Your pets shall be clean, the hotel reserves the right to demand a reimbursement of expenses if your animal relieves itself in your room.
  • Access to the restaurant is forbidden for all pets except for guide dogs.
  • For safety reasons, your maid is not going to clean your room if it contains your unsupervised animal. If you are with your animal in your room at the time of cleaning, put it on a leash or secure it in another way (in a cage or carriage). In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, you are kindly advised to report to the reception desk when daily cleaning of your room should be provided.
  • Owners shall be held liable for any damage to property or personal injuries caused by their animals. Belvedere d.o.o. reserves the right to demand a reimbursement of costs and repair or replacement of damaged items from the owner.
  • You are hereby advised to take into consideration the presence of other guests and limit the noise which could be caused by your pet. Failing to do this, you will be asked to leave the premises early.
  • Price for pets: EUR 4 in the camping area, EUR 20.00 in the Villas 3* (except for guide dogs which stay free of charge).
  • We reserve the right to charge EUR 100.00 for non-checked-in pets.
  • Pets may be received solely in some rooms in the Villas Tamara and Oliva.


Don’t forget that there is also a veterinary practice a few meters away from our Resort: GombačVet Izola Veterinary Practice (Dobrava 1c, tel. (05) 641 32 22).